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Owner | Healer

Hi there and welcome - I'm so glad you're here! For as long as I can remember, my greatest passion has been to help and serve others. Specifically, to help facilitate healing mentally, spiritually, and physically for anyone who desires a natural treatment course. My wellness practice journey has been unique - and I am humbled to be the one to hold the hands of those searching for a holistic and effective approach to an overall better and healthier life. After graduating from Howard University, I worked in film and television for several years. It's really as neat as it sounds! Fun fact: Much of my work was on Tyler Perry's productions. More recently, I was a part of the Emmy-winning producer team behind HBO's Watchmen. It was a remarkable experience working alongside extraordinary people. Though I enjoyed my work in show business, I knew I was destined for something else. So, my ultimate journey began. I decided to transition to a life of wellness practice to fulfill my lifelong calling. A nd wow - I owe myself so much gratitude for making one of the best decisions I've ever made. I've always been a person who strives to serve others in need and to facilitate healing. It was the beginning to my forever of becoming a holistic and natural healer. Throughout the years, I have continued my education in various spa services and wellness and healing modalities. I am a Reiki-certified healer, as well as a certified yoni steam facilitator. I am pleased to offer a range of services that facilitate healing with a holistic approach, addressing the mind, body, and spirit. Join me on bettering yourself in every aspect and embracing your authentic self. Life begins now. With Love,



Imani Byers is a LMSW, certified full spectrum doula and owner of Rebyrth Wellness. She is a Master Herbalist in training, yoni steam facilitator, belly binder and certified placenta encapsulation specialist. An alumna of Howard University and the University of Georgia, Imani prides herself on providing authentic, educational experiences for her clientele. She truly believes this work is a calling and uses that as her driving force to educate, uplift, and inspire her community. She provides fertility, birth, postpartum and bereavement doula services in Atlanta, GA, Savannah, GA and surrounding areas. Since the launch of her company in January 2020, Imani has assisted over 15 families on their birth journey’s.

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